Celebrate Ubumuntu – ‘Greatness of heart’

Earlier this year, our Group CEO, Damien Honan visited the Genocide museum in Rwanda to learn more about the Kigali Genocide. A highlight of Damien’s experience was the discussion with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who gave some insights into the history and the transformation of Rwanda into the country it is today. Damien recounted his emotional experience of meeting 20 people from a reconciliation village, where he heard stories of a mother losing her six children, the story behind her children’s murderer, the power of reconciliation and their latter unity.

Read the The New Times article here.


President Kagame & The YPO (source: The New Times)

Background information about the Kigali Genocide

It has been 24 years since the Rwandan Civil War and Genocide occurred, where over one million Tutsi people were murdered in 100 days over ethnic differences and power.

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is the final resting place for more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide. The memorial has five primary objectives:

  1. To provide a dignified place of burial for victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi
  2. To inform and educate visitors about the causes, implementation and consequences of the genocide, and other genocides throughout history.
  3. To teach visitors about what we can do to prevent future genocides.
  4. To provide a documentation centre to record evidence of the genocide, testimonies of genocide survivors and details of genocide victims.
  5. To provide support for survivors, in particular orphans and widows.

Source: https://www.kgm.rw/about/our-mission/

The power of one small action

“To understand the past and treasure those who were lost; to inform the present; and to meet the challenge of a better future.”

As part of Damien and the YPO group’s commitment in raising awareness of the Genocide and rebuilding of Rwanda, we’ve pledged to help sell one million Ubumuntu Humanity Pins by April next year for the 25 year anniversary of the Genocide. The proceeds will go towards raising vital funds to help the Kigali Genocide Memorial continue to spread its message and continue its mission.

Your gift will help give a hand up.

We’ve donated your gift this year to purchase a Ubumuntu Humanity Pin on your behalf to help this cause. This particular design is a limited edition pin and is one of 9,000. We trust that you’ll feel empowered to wear this pin and help spread awareness. Please share a photo of yourself with the pin on your social media channels and add #championhumanity to help raise awareness for this movement.

If you’d like to support Damien and our pledge by purchasing additional pins, please contact your Honan broker or Client Manager. For more information about the Kigali Genocide Memorial, visit the website.