Honan Wellness Hub

icon open quote  We know business is about people. If your employees are well, your company performs better.  closing quote

Working closely with our clients and their employees has highlighted the impact of an employee’s well-being to their company performance. Happy and healthy employees are more productive, better motivated and likely to engage with the vision set by your leaders.

Utilising our understanding of employee benefits, and leveraging our extensive local networks, Honan has developed a comprehensive and relevant wellness solution: the Honan Wellness Hub. Our holistic offering will help your company:

  • Navigate local wellness opportunities
  • Attract and retain strong local talent
  • Increase employee morale and motivation, and develop team bonding opportunities
  • Support the mental, physical and emotional health of employees
  • Assist employees with a relocation, a change in personal circumstance or financial adjustments.

The Honan Wellness Hub provides you a seamless service with access to market leading providers. We also offer a rewards program, designed to provide additional benefits to employees.  Our market leading partners have been carefully selected for their range of offerings, their suitability for a corporate culture, and the ability to scale offerings according to client needs.



Our market-leading partners



Health & Wellness


Health Screens & Health Checks. A wide range of options covering physical & mental health.


Natural corporate wellness programs incorporating Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Creative Workshops.



Employee Assistance Program services and mental health support.



Financial & Wellness


Financial Health checks, Expatriate and Employee Taxation and Financial advisory services.


Financial Health checks, Expatriate and Employee Taxation and Financial advisory services.



Integrated Wellness & Workplace Intelligence


The Fit for Life program and technological intelligence to drive organisational strategies
surrounding overall employee health and wellbeing. Fit for Life is a holistic, online program
for employees that facilitates self-directed change across physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing.







Technology based products and services catering to health and wellness.


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Additional Services


Comprehensive relocation services, global support.


Novated leasing and car packaging.


A national, customisable corporate marketing rewards solution encompassing 12,000 locations across dining, travel, retail, activities, health, beauty, entertainment and more.



For more information please visit www.honan.com.au/wellnesshub, contact one of our employee benefits specialists on 1800 981 377 or email info@honan.com.au

Please be aware that some of Honan’s offerings and employee benefit packages may attract Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). Honan does not provide you with any form of taxation advice in respect to any employee benefit packages or wellness programs or on any other basis. Honan strongly recommends that you seek your own independent professional tax or accounting advice on any FBT implications for the company and/or your employees before making a decision with respect to our offering. Honan will receive referral fees from our local and oversees health and wellness partners.    Honan Financial Services Pty Ltd (“Honan”) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (“AR”) of Bombora Advice Pty Ltd ABN 40 152 250 565 AFSL 439065 Level 2, 406 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.  This flyer contains information of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute advice from Honan as a Corporate AR of Bombora.  Honan as a Corporate AR of Bombora is not responsible for the advice you receive through our wellness partners.