Welcome to our Website

Hello there,

Our website was recently refreshed. This is all part of our move forward, to increase our capabilities and improve the Honan experience for our clients. So please, take a tour of the new site and let us know what you think.

We have spent a great deal of time improving usability and functionality, which involved revising the site’s structure, strategically presenting information in new ways and taking our online forms to the next level.

The design is now responsive, working across all devices, and reflects our evolving corporate identity as a growing global organisation. Additionally, the site, at its core, is now sound — allowing our website to speak with search engines for increased rankings. This aligns directly with our content strategy, which will be coming to fruition over the next year.

This is only Phase One of developing our website and you will see many more enhancements over the coming months. Exciting times are ahead of us.

Take a Tour of the New Website