Workplace Risk Review: NSW Return to Work programs

Workplace Risk Review: Edition 1

In this inaugural edition of Workplace Risk Review, we cover NSW return to work (RTW) programs. These e-newsletter editions are designed to provide our clients insights into the market, industry updates and also regulatory information relevant to workplace risk. If there is a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know!

Have you updated your RTW program recently?


Employers with more than $50,000 base tariff premium must have an RTW Coordinator employed to develop and implement RTW programs.

Don’t know where to start?

To ensure your workplace is ready for the May 2019 deadline, Honan’s Workplace Risk team can assist with a review of your existing program and recommend changes to ensure you are operating within the SIRA guidelines.

Our team can help you be RTW ready.

Our team specialise in providing industry leading RTW solutions to fit your business needs and support any injured workers from start to finish. We ensure injured workers are being provided the best practice RTW plans to increase productivity in the workplace and minimise the business’ workers compensation costs.

Summary of our services:

  • We ensure your business is compliant to jurisdictional compliance requirements to avoid fines, penalties and notices from governing bodies.
  • We manage the insurer engagement on your behalf to save your business the administrative burden through time and resources, whilst leveraging our existing relationships with insurers to drive timely and successful outcomes for you.
  • We implement immediate and effective claims management strategies to reduce premium costs and increase productivity within your business (e.g. reducing the cost of hiring new employees or training a replacement).
  • We analyse your current claim costs to assist with premium forecasting and identify high risk claim trends.
  • We will advocate on your business’ behalf to ensure you are aware of all legal and financial ramifications of a disputed claim.

Prepare your business for May 2019. Contact us today for a health check on your existing RTW program by contacting a consultant in your local office.