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With many years of experience managing Commercial & Industrial Property Insurance, our portfolio covers over a thousand properties nationally, we understand that if something goes wrong, it often means major physical and financial losses for businesses. Our team has a deep understanding of the solutions you need to help protect your commercial property against risks including damage, loss and theft. 

In the event of a claim, we have an experienced internal team to advocate for you through every step of the process, including negotiating with the insurer on your behalf, ensuring we are with you all the way.

Commercial & Industrial Property Insurance

What does commercial and industrial property insurance cover?

Property Owners Building/Contents

Protect your building, contents, and fixtures and fittings against accidental damage and other insured events, such as impact, storm and fire.

Loss of Income

Could you endure months or even years on end without rental income? Insure your loss of income following an insured event and continue receiving income while your property is repaired.

Rent Default

Offered by just a few insurers, Rent Default is a relatively new coverage for commercial property owners. With up to 26 weeks cover, you’ll be protected if your tenant breaches their lease agreement by vacating without notice or becomes insolvent.

Property Owners Liability

As an owner, you have a responsibility to provide a safe and compliant property for your tenants. When things go wrong, Property Owners Liability to designed to protect you against legal fees and damages brought against you for third party damage and bodily injury.

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