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Just like you, we are in the business of looking after our clients which is why our Strata insurance solutions put your needs as a Strata Manager first. Whilst you balance the pressures of managing your Strata portfolio, we focus on giving you market leading insurance solutions and seamless support.

Building solutions for your business.

Across Australia, each state and territory has varying legislative requirements around its Strata title properties. With over 50 specialist insurance professionals working in Strata, we have a deep understanding of how these mandatory requirements, and the risk profiles of different locations can impact your premiums. Our team combines their experience in navigating the complexities of the Strata industry in order to tailor creative solutions that give you the best business outcome.

Our Strata Solutions

Residential Strata Insurance

Also known as Body Corporate Insurance in some States, this is a general insurance that covers common or shared property which is managed by a strata title or body corporate entity. As a leader in the industry, we have the ability to manage the insurance placement of traditional strata plans as well as more complex mixed use strata, or larger Building Management Committees.

Commercial & Industrial Insurance

The insurance placement of commercial and industrial strata titled properties can be challenging and ensuring you that you have appropriate and adequate cover is essential. Commercial Strata Insurance, also known as Body Corporate Insurance in some States, covers common or shared property which is managed by a strata title or body corporate entity. As a specialist in this field, our team will help you navigate the insurance choices available, assist with complex strata queries or placements, as well as provide you with access to risk improvements.

Build to Rent

A relatively new insurance product, Build-to-rent policies cover residential property developments in which all of the lots are retained by an owner, developer, managed investment trust or another entity. The units are leased directly to tenants and cannot be sold individually. Contact our experienced team to discover if this is the right solution for you.

Company Titles

The registration of Company Titles is a historical form of shared property ownership that predates Strata titles. There is a limited number of strata underwriters in the market that can offer cover for company titles. Our team uses their proven experience and expertise to assist you in finding the right cover.

Community Associations

Community Association schemes are generally made up of common property, landscapes and facilities that are located on the one land allocation. Honan has access to the niche market of underwriting agencies that can offer insurance coverage for this style of ownership.

Specialist service,
delivering more.

Creating a genuine difference for our clients

Our dedicated, highly qualified advisors take the time to truly understand your business, to regularly review its evolving needs, and provide you with purpose-built solutions. Every client knows they matter.

Specialist Knowledge, data-driven decisions

We’re known for our placement of unique risk profiles and drawing on data to make timely, informed decisions. With 400+ team members and over 55 years experience, we offer holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement and claims management to risk consulting.

Global Reach & Insights

Our global reach underpins our ability to help clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of a global market, while providing market-leading local expertise.

Claim Solutions

With our in-house claims divisions led by industry and legal experts, we know how facilities management, services policies and coverages will respond, providing you an advantage when a claim arises. We advocate for you and your position all the way.
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