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In partnership with LifeWorks, Honan offers a wide range of Health & Wellbeing services for our clients. Our services can be tailored into your own unique program or you can select one of our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages.



Onsite or online health assessments

We’re known for our placement of unique risk profiles and drawing on data to make timely, informed decisions. With 300+ team members and over 55 years experience, we offer holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement and claims management to risk consulting.

Onsite skin checks

A team of experienced and skilled medical Doctors, with additional accredited training in skin cancer detection and management, are used to conduct thorough full body skin examinations on site. Immediate feedback is provided to the patient on the results of the skin check as well as any recommendations for further action.

A user friendly booking system and additional reporting, ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness of this vital service.

Diabetes health check

The Diabetes health check identifies those at risk of Type 2 Diabetes and then empowers them with greater knowledge and awareness for taking steps toward a healthier future.

Specifically, the Diabetes Health Check requires no fasting making it easier for employees to engage, and is accepted as a diagnostic test by medical experts.

Onsite flu vaccinations

The onsite flu vaccination service includes a dedicated program manager and is designed to offer seamless delivery and coordination, reduced wait times and a user-friendly online booking system with a customised portal specific to your business. All flu shots are administered adhering to all COVID-safe practices by professional nurses who provide complete one on one patient care, including a vaccination certificate on the appointment day.

Flexible health checks

We’re known for our placement of unique risk profiles and drawing on data to make timely, informed decisions. With 300+ team members and over 55 years experience, we offer holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement and claims management to risk consulting.



Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

With a proactive and preventative approach, EAP programs have proven to deliver higher overall engagement. EAP Counselling services are conducted by experienced psychologists and social workers, with sessions based on a Positive Psychology model. Programs are scalable and offer multi-delivery channels aimed at targeting all levels within an organisation.

Onsite Wellbeing Coach

The Wellbeing Coaching model incorporates coaching on a variety of preventative and holistic health topics such as Resilience, Physical Wellbeing, Nutrition, Stress Management, Sleep & Fatigue and Relationships, to meet the needs of the organisation and its workforce.

Mental Health Training, Seminars & Workshops

From single workshops addressing a need, to in-depth programs assisting your organisation, managers and employees, we are able to provide a full suite of workshops designed to create learning opportunities to best assist your company enhance its wellbeing, resilience and ultimately its performance. Topics can include mental health at work, peer support, psychological first aid, stress management, workplace relationships and more.

Wellbeing Checks

The Wellbeing Check program aims to provide assistance to employees who may be involved in specialist areas or specific roles where there is a higher risk of psychological injury, burnout or accumulative stress.

This service offers an additional level of support to both the employee and the organisation and complements the wider EAP.

Health & Wellness Expos

Expos are an engaging and efficient way to promote multiple key health messages in a central location and embed a culture of health and wellbeing within any organisation.

These Expos provide a forum to showcase various health and wellbeing options and allow employees to learn, discuss, assess and plan.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments are an important tool in protecting employees' physical health and wellbeing.

These assessments examine posture at work and help support the adjustment of the workspace to optimise position and ease of movement, relative to the task

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention is aimed to support organisations' wider Health & Safety policies and procedures.

We  work with you to assess your workplace risk for injury and accidents which is supported by a comprehensive intervention report and prevention plan to mitigate risk.

Mindfulness Assessment & Program

Mindfulness can give us focus and improved quality of time, leading to greater productivity, life satisfaction, and happiness.

This assessment and program is based on the five facets of mindfulness to support organisations in harnessing the benefits of mindfulness for a healthy and productive workforce; with particular focus on stress management.

Group Fitness Class / Digital Fitness coaching

There are  a range of Group exercise classes onsite and online, designed to promote good physical and mental health.

Classes can include yoga & meditation, pilates, 'deskercise' and stretch & relax.

Nutrition Consultations

Highly experienced dietitians and nutritionists conduct thorough consultations, building a detailed picture of lifestyle and eating habits, medical history, health and wellbeing concerns and individual goals and aspirations.

They then work with the employee to create an eating plan tailored to the individual's needs, lifestyle and goals.

Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking demonstrations can be utilised to show your organisation how easy it can be to prepare nutritious meals in a busy lifestyle.

Meals can also highlight themes such as winter warmers, eating more vegetables, eating for better sleep etc.

Wellness Program Design & Consultancy

We can work with you to assist with designing an achievable, interactive, inclusive and engaging wellness program that supports your goals, culture and strategy around wellness.

Programs are designed to deliver real and measurable improvements in the health and wellbeing of the workforce and promote a positive organisational culture.

Employee Health & Wellbeing Packages


  • Flu Vaccinations
  • 10 Minute health checks
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  • Flu Vaccinations
  • 15 Minute health checks
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • 2 x Webinars annually on choice of Health & Wellbeing topics
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  • Flu Vaccinations
  • 20 Minute health checks
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • 4 x Webinars annually on choice of Health & Wellbeing topics
  • Skin checks
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