Thursday, March 18, 2021

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Digital Innovations Bring Big Wins for Health & Medical

If there is one good thing to have come out of the pandemic, it is how quickly the medical industry has adopted new technologies to improve the patient experience. From Telehealth to digital prescriptions, these tech solutions are all designed to enhance care and convenience. Recent digital innovations are also improving access to quality health care. In remote and regional Australia, where wait times are excessive in comparison to major cities, tech now allows the Royal Flying Doctor Service to track each flight in real time. The ability to map weather conditions and flight schedules now means hospitals are far better placed to commence patient care as soon as the individual arrives.  

For providers, leveraging the potential of digital technology to elevate the patient experience not only helps attract and retain more patients, but it has the potential to reduce the likelihood of wrangling medical malpractice complaints.


I have recently discovered an amazing tech solution which will further enhance the patient experience by providing detailed, easy to understand information for pre-operative care. The Inform Digital solution gives patients a simple step-by-step explanation of the procedure they are about to receive – all on their mobile phone. The system also has digital consent functionality, allowing the patient to provide informed and considered consent.

This system represents a significant opportunity for medical specialists and medical facilities within Australia. Once the consent process is finished, a report is sent to the physician or facility which highlights the amount of time spent completing each section, allowing the physician to follow up with the patient prior to the procedure. This tech solution is a major step forward in the delivery of information to patients and has the potential to reduce medical malpractice claims, language barriers, and ensures patients have access to relevant information. I can see this tool becoming a real point of difference for specialists and hospitals and impacting the way individuals and facilities are rated from an insurance risk position, with positive implications for their premiums.


Developments in the medical tech space are seeing the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IVF and radiology, enabling greater efficiencies and precision in diagnosis. We are seeing more general practices provide holistic, market-leading patient experiences. For example, mobile applications are increasingly being used to help patients manage their treatment plans in real time.


These advancements in medical treatment do not just exist in the future, they are happening now. The opportunities and efficiencies offered by these tech solutions present a major point of difference to the facilities and practitioners who embrace them. Improved patient engagement will lead to better treatment outcomes which, in time, can benefit the whole community.


Trent Woodward

Head of Health & Medical

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