Monday, July 11, 2016

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Honan Insurance Group Appoints Richard Colless As Group Chairman

Honan Insurance Group announced today the appointment of Richard Colless as Chairman.


In addition to being a member of Honan’s Advisory Board for the past two years, Richard has over thirty years’ experience as Chairman, and as a Director, of a large range of public and private companies in Australia and Asia.

Over his many years of service, Richard has been able to develop a broad array of contacts through his role as a high profile sports administrator. He currently sits on the SCG Trust.

Group CEO, Damien Honan, said “We are delighted he has accepted our offer to become more involved with our Group.”

“Our Board is a good representation of the facets of our industry. The Board understands the challenges faced by the insurance and financial services industry and each member has demonstrated experience and their own expertise that they bring to the table. With Richard at the helm I am confident Honan’s true potential will be realised,” said Damien.

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