Thursday, November 2, 2023

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HoneIn FY24 Q1: Global & Networks Market Update

In the ever-evolving global landscape of the insurance industry, staying ahead of the curve is not only a challenge but a necessity. Nowhere is this truer than in the United States, where its ever-shifting market forces require insurers to adapt continually.

For businesses in the Asia Pacific region looking for opportunities to expand their operations in the US, it’s essential to be on top of the latest trends reshaping the American Insurance landscape.

Gleaned from our partner brokers in the US, here are five key trends:

1. Economic instability: liquidity and capital management
The impact of rising interest rates on an insurance company's investments will depend on various factors, including its investment strategy, the mix of assets in its portfolio, and the duration of its liabilities. Insurers employ various risk management and investment strategies to navigate the effects of changing interest rates and to maintain the financial stability necessary to meet their policyholder obligations. These increases might result in insurance premiums not being affordable anymore for clients which in turn may force a reduction in cover or policies being lapsed, ultimately reducing the insurers’ top-line revenue.

2. Climate change and sustainability
Extreme weather events like floods and bushfires are a significant concern for the insurance industry globally. The industry faces challenges in assessing, pricing, and managing the risks associated with these events, and it must adapt to the changing landscape by developing new strategies and solutions to address climate-related risks. The flow-on effect from the increased claims and losses causes reduced profitability for insurance companies. This continues to influence risk assessment and pricing within actuarial models, further reducing capacity in the market. Ultimately, this can lead to regulatory change by the local USA government and further investment portfolio impacts.

3. Competition from other industries
Tech companies will become big players and provide new competition for insurers. With these new non-traditional players who are able to access data on companies’ insurance needs, insurers will have to adapt by implementing their own in-house technology to evolve client experience and risk assessment tools.

4. Modern technologies: disruption and adoption
Advancements such as AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning have a profound impact on various aspects of the industry, including customer engagement, underwriting, claims processing, and risk assessment. These developments can lead to efficiency gains and improved risk identification and mitigation methods, calling for insurers to keep up or they might otherwise risk losing market share.

5. Diverse regulatory requirements by jurisdiction
Each state in the US and each jurisdiction operates differently regarding local requirements. That’s why it is essential to have a broker with multinational experience and relationships with recommended local brokers in countries across the globe. These brokers with local knowledge will be able to ensure that you comply with the individual states product and financial regulations, market conduct and licensing. Having local policies in place is therefore strongly recommended.

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