Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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Meet Our Chief Executive Officer - Andrew Fluitsma

Andrew Fluitsma - Chief Executive Officer

Office: Melbourne
Joined Honan: November 2009

A quote capturing your approach to your role

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room” - Confucius. A friend of mine says this all the time. Of course, he’s an incredibly successful guy who is likely always the smartest guy in the room! It’s a great way of capturing the philosophy that business will never grow, evolve or exist sustainably without the best, most curious kinds of people.

Tell us about yourself

A mate (Scott Cole - our Director in Perth, Western Australia) said to me – almost 11 years ago, that I should have a chat with Damien Honan; our current Executive Chairman who was the CEO at the time. I was pretty happy where I was, so had no burning reason to connect with Damien … but I did and made the decision to join that day!

I live a pretty busy life with a young family and a very active physical regime - I ride, run or do cross-fit 6 days a week. I also love to travel, which has been something I’ve really missed lately, but being home to watch my kids develop and grow into amazing little people has been a blessing.

What does the Chief Executive Officer do?

I primarily crack gags on company-wide Zoom Town Halls, and in my spare time, do a bit of work around the strategic direction of the business with Damien and our COO Laurence Basell. But ultimately I’m the steward of our brand - that’s the neatest way to capture it.

What 3 things do you find most motivating about your role?

  • Growth of the people.
  • Growth of the business.
  • Growth of the brand.

Biggest learning from your time at Honan?

If you treat people like children, they act like children, Trust, empower and believe in your people and they’ll pay it back in spades through love of the brand. There’s nothing more valuable than proud people who genuinely believe in the direction the brand is heading.

Your core focus for the year ahead?

We just want to keep growing this company.

Noteworthy trends?

Well, as funny as it sounds, I think the suit might truly be dead! To me, that marks a metaphor for the way we do work - we can be anywhere, in any time zone, and move as quickly as we want using technology as the conduit. Having said that, I think the want and desire to maintain personal, face to face meetings will always remain strong. At Honan - relationships are a core to our DNA, and a key driver in our cultural difference.

Recommended further reading / a great online resource?

You won’t find me reading self-help, management or coaching material. I think authenticity is the absolute key to leadership, so I stay away from that stuff. I listen to a lot of podcasts when I run, and I’m a massive aviation geek so absolutely loved Business Wars’ Boeing Vs Airbus.


Email: andrew.fluitsma@honan.com.au

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