Monday, December 20, 2021

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UPDATE: New Strata Laws in Victoria - Changes to Public Liability Insurance in 2021

It has been almost a year since the Victorian Parliament passed the Owners Corporations and other Acts Amendment 2021. On December 1, 2021, eleven amendments came into effect, which were designed to enhance the governance of, and liveability of buildings overseen by Owners Corporations (OC). These changes are important for property developers, OC managers and those who own a property covered by an OC. This article outlines what the changes mean for Public Liability (PL) insurance policies and the next steps for those impacted.


One key change is the new minimum requirement for PL insurance. PL insurance is designed to protect the Owners Corporations’ legal liability in the event that a third party becomes injured, or their property is damaged within the vicinity of common areas of the Owners Corporations. A common PL claim within the strata space includes slip and fall claims e.g., a third party slips and falls on a cracked step causing them to break a limb. The PL policy is designed to protect the interests of the Owners Corporation, which can include cover for compensation to a third party (medical bills, and/or compensation for loss of income as a result of time off work to recover from the injury), or legal fees to defend a claim.


We have reached out to our specialist strata insurer partners to understand their positions on the rollout of the mandatory regulations of the Owners Corporation and other Act Amendment 2021. Currently, insurers hold different positions as to how they will enact the mandatory increase to the minimum PL cover held and the impact on premiums and coverage. Therefore, please contact us and we can inform you about your insurer’s position.


If these changes affect your Owners Corporation, please reach out to your broker directly to discuss your next steps. Alternatively, please follow this link to find a Honan contact near you.

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Prepared by Monique Curme - Client Executive.

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