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Through the Honan Wellness Hub we offer innovated and relevant Employee Support Services which can be included as part of your Employee Benefits Wellbeing program.

Global Support Platform for Working Parents and Carers

Research tells us that 89% of people will become a parent in their lives and 21% of people will become a caregiver for a family member who is ill, or living with a disability. With that in mind, Honan has partnered with Circle In, a comprehensive family support system that enables your working parents and caregivers to engage in, remain in, and thrive in your organisation.

In this new working world, 1 in 2 employees now rank ‘great family benefits’ in their top three most important employee benefits.

Circle In supports all family stages and constructs, helping them navigate the complexities of parenthood and caregiving, from planning a baby, all the way to supporting children through teenage years and caring for the elderly. It’s a benefit that is of value for up to 90% of a workforce.

Circle In works with companies to help them reimagine caregiving, and to create a culture that is truly family-friendly. They work with leading employers across the globe and have partnered with brands such as Atlassian, Coca-Cola and Culture Amp, to name a few, where they have delivered a comprehensive family support solution that is easy to implement, manage and see results.

What's Included?

Practical Resources & Content

Over 400 pieces of career content, real stories from working parents, webinars from leading experts and practical conversation guides


Customised platform with your brand logo, colours, key policies and HR details.


Monthly reporting showing employee utilisation and engagement metrics.

What do their customers say?

Diversity & Inclusion Manager,

International Law Firm.

“I selected Circle In over other service providers to support our working parents and caregivers, for a few reasons. One of them was because you were the most inclusive platform in terms of language, imagery and family constructs. Another reason was the way you’ve partnered with us really. I think being able to work with a company who genuinely understand our needs from a commercial perspective, and have deep empathy for families within our business and a deep understanding of what it means to be navigating your personal life and your work life…having a platform that oozes that empathy for parents and their challenges is exactly what we were looking for”.

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