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November 20, 2023

Going Global? Ensure Your Business Insurance Is Too

If your business is planning to expand into new countries, there are many things to consider, and insurance can often slip down the list of priorities. Having the right insurance in place can enable you to grow with confidence, knowing you have consistent and robust coverage wherever you operate in the world. Jennifer Gray outlines ways you can structure your global insurance program, depending on your business’ exposures, regions, and preferences.
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November 20, 2023

Five eye-opening misconceptions about life insurance in superannuation funds

While 8 million out of the approximately 15 million Australians who hold superannuation accounts are covered by some form of life insurance within their superannuation, due to the standardised level of cover it is likely that many Australians are unknowingly underinsured. Tyler Scarce, Risk Advisor at Honan Life, explores common misconceptions about life insurance products and highlights the importance of understanding your personal risk exposures
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November 15, 2023
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Experts with Edge | Chitra Sharma

At Honan, we’re big believers in growing an exceptional brand, business and reputation through exceptional people. People with market-leading expertise, proven results and a fierce commitment to serving their clients, but also people with creative, considered points of view and a willingness to share them. These are our challenger champions - the ones who progress, lead and succeed by doing things a little differently, delivering on promise, and proving their passion through outstanding performance. In this series, we get to know them a little better; picking their brains for exclusive industry/category insights, future predictions, and the secrets behind their success.
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November 13, 2023

Taking flight: why drone insurance is important for commercial use

The global market size of commercial drones is forecast to grow in the coming years. From capturing breathtaking footage to 3D mapping, product delivery, and use in construction and agriculture, Australia is embracing drone use. With the uptake of drones to support jobs across the economy, drone insurance or insurance for remotely piloted aircrafts (RPA) becomes essential for businesses. Chris Papakostas takes a closer look at why you should consider drone insurance and how to secure it.
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November 8, 2023

Avoiding Work Party Pitfalls: Tips for Celebrating Safely in 2023

Office parties and festive season activities are a welcome opportunity to celebrate the end of another memorable year. Unfortunately, workplace injuries can occur and organisations may be liable in the event of a staff member’s accident, injury or illness while in attendance. To ensure you are well prepared, Jules Paolino, Client Manager – Risk Consulting, has provided top tips to help keep your business celebrations safe and joyful this year.
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Warranty & Indemnity Insurance: Key Trends and Considerations in Business Deals

Warranty and Indemnity insurance (W&I) is an insurance solution that provides coverage for breaches of warranties and indemnification claims outlined in sale and purchase agreements. This insurance safeguards against losses or liabilities arising from undisclosed or unknown issues and indemnities. Essentially, the insurer assumes the responsibilities of the party providing the contractual warranties and tax indemnity. W&I insurance functions alongside negotiations and serves to enhance, rather than substitute, a thorough due diligence process. Here's a snapshot of current trends and considerations in W&I insurance to help you make an informed decision about your transaction.
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November 2, 2023

HoneIn FY24 Q1: Corporate Insurance Market Update

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HoneIn FY24 Q1: Global & Networks Market Update

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